Naz Hamid is the founder and principal of Weightshift, a design studio in San Francisco and Chicago. Aside from client work, projects include the community-oriented site Interhoods and mobile web application, SitBy.Us. The two projects codenamed Suplex and Sleeperhold are aiming to be launched in 2011.

He writes about design and tangential topics at Memo, writes in 140 characters at Twitter, posts photos to Flickr, creates 400x300px works-in-progress on Dribbble, sometimes makes moving pictures on Vimeo, records items of interest at Svpply, listens to all his music on Rdio and answers the occasional question on Quora. He also makes music as Murders & Mysteries and released an album in 2010.

A third-culture kid, Naz has lived on three continents and in three countries. He currently lives in San Francisco, California, a place where he feels comfortable in his own skin.