The Personal Page:

a free, simple, one-page mobile-friendly website

that gives you a way

to have a very quick and easy

personable website

that aggregates your activity, and

positions a simple logo,

a portrait and some description text

in a nicely formatted manner.

This code is licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

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Usage is simple:

  1. You'll need to edit the index.html file with your own text.
  2. Upload your own logo in place of monogram.png. Your initials will likely not be NH, but if they are, be smart and use your own little monogram/logo.
  3. Upload your own portrait as the background. Don't impersonate me!
  4. Upload all the files to your host/server, including the MIT and GPL licences.
  5. You can switch the position of the monogram and text as seen at


Made by Naz Hamid. The Personal Page uses the excellent Backstretch plugin by Scott Robbin.